‘Buffy’ creator zooms to space with ‘Firefly’


Peter Johnson
12/19/2001 – Updated 01:57 AM ET

Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon is turning his sights on outer space with a new Fox series slated for next fall.

Firefly, an hour-long sci-fi action drama set about 600 years into the future, centers on the crew of a small transport spaceship that takes on odd and sometimes criminal assignments. But no aliens.

“I’m playing it like a Western landscape rather than be overawed by it,” says Whedon, who executive-produces both UPN’s Buffy and its spinoff, Angel, for WB. “And I wanted to do a show about people who are not ‘super,’ just working-class people, the people history steps on.” Fox has committed to air 13 episodes of the new show sight unseen, an increasing rarity reserved for top producers.