Buffy Forever

Happy Birthday Joss! Or should I sad god? *grin* It took me awhile to think of something appropriate to send in for your big day because there are so many things that make you great. This year, though, what struck me in particular, was your portrayal of death. Specifically the death of Buffy’s mom and the aftermath, the emotions that resulted. So I settled on a wallpaper I made to commemorate “Forever”. There were so many lines of dialogue that just hit me during that episode and “The Body”. “I have to do these things, because when I stop she’s really gone.” is one of them. The other one for me was Tara when Buffy asked if her mother’s death was sudden saying “No.. yes..it’s always sudden.” Because that is so true and I know that from my own experience. And to hear that out loud from one of your amazing creations touched me so much. Of all your moments of greatness..
and there have been many.. those two lines are what stands out the most in my mind I’m going to stop rambling now. SO many people adore you, and rightly so, that I know you must have a hundred notes just like this to wade through. I just wanted to say thank you.. for all your efforts past, present, and future which has so deeply touched me and so many others.  Thank you, and happy birthday. I wish you all the best. You truly deserve it.~dawna AKA Cece~