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Doc Covington’s Slayer Hymn

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Joss Haiku

by Mia Hey look it’s Joss Man  Numfar! Do the Dance of Joy  feet pitter patter All Nekkid all gay  an all musical Buffy  Always dignity  Am I not the king?  Purr, Purr, Purr all the night through  Thats the Jossy

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Evil, Evil, Old Man Joss

Evil, Evil, Old Man Joss* by Christopher Marlowe Well the south of LA Is the best part of town And if you go down there You better just beware Of a man named Old Man Joss Now Joss, more than

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There once was a writer named Joss that took up a pen (and mint floss); who, with the tale of a Slayer, using laughter and prayer, keeps us hooked on emotional loss. When a demon called Numfar did prance Some

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A Beary Happy Birthday

Have a beary happy birthday!

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BtVS Carols

BtVS CAROLS by ThoinTHE FIRST SLAYER (to the tune of “The First Noel”)The First Slayer, all alone she did dwell Fighting vampires and cavemen and minions of hell. She hunted and she fought with no friends at her side Through a

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Life’s Greatest Mystery

Joss, Well, I wanted to write a little note to explain/introduce my little poem selection, but I just couldn’t come up with anything eloquent enough.  So… here goes me just being me.  The poem below is the first one I

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Horn-y Host of Caritas

Horn-y Host of Caritas (to be sung to the tune of Lady Marmalade) by Dirty SocksHey Hostie, Go Hostie, Soul Hostie, Go Hostie (x2) We met Krevlorneswa down in Old Caritas Struttin’ his stuff on the stage He said ‘Hello,

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Happy Birthday Joss

Hellmouths and demons – your forte A story-teller supreme Passion and vision flows from you Perhaps this was destined to be Yours is a gift many envy Buffy’s is a story we crave In every episode there’s genius Real emotions keep

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Greetings for your birthday

Have a good one Joss, your the man! a Scriptwriting genius. Simon Joss,  Thank you for realizing your vision and sharing with us.  Have a great birthday,  Susan  Joss,  I just want you to know that I have been with

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