Joss Whedon Q&A On Eve Of SXSW

Joss talks to Deadline about The AvengersMuch Ado, and more…

I’m in constant danger of burning out. Look, this is not a healthy person talking to you. ’I’m going to make a sequel to the biggest movie I’ve ever made!’ … ’Perhaps a TV show would go along nicely with that…’ I always order the entire left side of the menu and then wonder why I’m full.

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Joss’s letter from the Angel soundtrack

Angel: Nice guy, but, you know, moody. Shadows, brooding, apocalypses, eternal life, forbidden love – hey, we’ve all been there, right? Still, he could lighten up. If Rob Kral had written some happy polka music now and then, I think we would have seen a whole different side to Angel. But no, it’s all sweeping romance and portentous doom. Epic, memorable, and intrinsically related to Angel’s every triumph, defeat, and yes, every bad mood. Music is more important to a show than most people know. A generic score just lays there and let you know exactly what to expect. A BAD score takes you right out of the story. But a good, emotional, textured score can not only heighten every moment of a story, it can (and this is really important in our case) make it feel much more expensive. Rob’s work always gave Angel such epic sweep, without ever sacrificing intimacy. And it isn’t all brooding. I lied about that. There’s scowling. The other goodies here, including an original Greenwalt and our own green demon, pop up to remind us how many strange and varied roads our boy has been on. It’s a fine record of Angel’s journey, which was, to say the least, never dull. Enjoy! (But, you know, not in a cheerful way…) -joss whedon

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From TV Guide’s Ask Ausiello

Question: Did Joss Whedon say anything about reviving Angel as a movie-of-the-week? — Chris

Ausiello: Yeah, but it seems that ship has sailed. These days, he’s all about the Spikester. “The thing is, David Boreanaz has kind of gone to a new place,” Whedon said. “He did the series for five years and the character for a couple of years before that [on Buffy], and the thing about a Spike movie that’s different is, well, it’s different. In the same way Angel was different than Buffy as a show because of the characters, Spike would be different as a subject and that’s what makes it fresh. I don’t want to try to recapture the essence of something that I’ve already done. I want to put a new spin on it.”

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