Fan encounters

Sometimes its nice to live vicariously through others. If you’ve never met Joss and want to know what it’s like, read on. If you have met him and want to share your story, please send it to

Kiba’s story

Hi! I’m Kiba Rika, creator, editor, maintainer, goddess of this website. And I want to tell you a little story.

You see, one day, I was reading many Jossisms, and I discovered that I was totally in fangirl love with the man. So the next time he visited The Bronze, I proposed to him. The thing was, I didn’t type it properly.

I meant to ask if I could be one of his many wives. My finger slipped, however – and I ended up asking if I could be one of Joss’ many wibes.

Joss accepted, and showed the Joss is a Hottie site to his wife, Kai. She enjoyed it and got in touch with me about it.

My slip of the finger became a running gag among Joss, myself, and many Bronzers. At the 2001 Posting Board Party, we all came together to engage in chaos-causing activities… and this is how it happened…

*Wayne’s World Flashback Sequence*

I and some buds of mine had snagged some prime space at the front of the stage so we could hear James Marsters sing. Tony Head was the first act though… and as he was singing, Joss ran up to the stage screaming like a teenage girl.

He just happened to barrel through the crowd and end up right next to moi! I, wearing my Joss is a Hottie hat, screamed at him, “I AM YOUR WIBE!” and he gave me the worlds largest hug.

He then ran away. He has a tendency to do that. Later in the evening, he was on stage with the other VIPs. He separated from them and came to visit me at the edge of the stage. He was absolutely adorable and promised not to leave until he’d talked to me again.

At the end of the night, I got to talk to him, have him sign things and such. It was truly wonderful. When he had to leave, he hugged me and started towards the door – then ran back, hugged me again, and gave me a kiss on the cheek! He then ran away. He’s a very perplexing man that way.

I was on cloud 9 for the rest of forever. And before? That was just mild admiration. Now I have an all out fangirl crush.

bdbdb’s story

bdbdb saw Joss at a panel entitled Behind the Scenes: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is her story.

Part One: Before the Panel

I got there early to scope the place out and at first it looked like fans would be able to stand in the press area (there was a big area for press and not enough press to fill it up) but as soon as people started arriving we were told to go stand on the corner across the street. That was fine, because it wound up being the best place to be anyway. 

The first person to arrive was Joss. Actually, the first person I saw there was Kai. Well, I saw a person who looked sort of like Kai, but I didn’t think it was her because of the normal colored hair.  Then she was introducing herself to people and I realized that it was Kai! LOL I looked down at the end of the press area and there was Joss posing and preening for the photographers. 

This is about when we were told to move so Tammy, Amanda, Amanda’s friend and I went and stood down more towards the parking area and security seemed fine with that. Eventually we figured out that we had the best spot of all because we got to talk to the VIPs before even the press did. 

When Joss was finished with the press he, Kai and a guest of theirs went walking back out towards the street. Amanda (she’s 11 and very brave!) went after Joss and asked him to sign Tammy’s musical poster, so of course we followed. Joss was a sweetie about signing and autographed his headshot for me. I also asked him what was going on with Firefly. He told me that they were re-doing the pilot into a one-hour thing. I asked him if that meant re-shooting it and he said not really. Basically they are just going to edit it down and the story will start at a later point than the two-hour pilot starts. I told him how much I was looking forward to it! Joss made some comment about being there too early when we were done chatting with him, and his little group walked out of the complex together. No clue where they went, but they were back before everything really started going so it wasall good! 

The next folks to arrive were Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof. Aly had a huge crowd around her, but she was so great and stood there to sign for all of the fans. (There weren’t that many of us, it was just that quite a few autograph hounds were there and trying to get whole stacks of pictures signed.) When Aly was signing my picture I told her that I heard she was going to Europe to shoot some stuff. She told me that they were getting ready to go pretty soon, in the next few weeks or something like that. I asked her if this was just for the first episode of Buffy or was the ‘Willow in England’ thing going to stretch out across the first part of the season. All Aly would tell me was that she didn’t know anything about what was going to happen. LOL Oh well, I tried!

I moved back out of the crowd and noticed Alexis standing off to the side, pretty much ignored compared to Aly. That is not right!! I didn’t have any pictures of Alexis so I whipped out the magazine and asked him to sign it. I apologized to him for not having any pictures of him and told him the best I could do was have him sign Aly’s ad in the magazine, and he smiled. While he was signing I told him how much I enjoyed his performance, especially in the episode “Billy.” Alexis thanked me and said, “Yeah, it was scary wasn’t it?” He is such a cutie!

Next to arrive was Marti and her big Tummy! Marti walked right past us and I asked her if she would sign, and she told us “maybe later.” I already have Marti’s autograph but Tammy was trying to get it on her poster. Marti looked like she was about ready to pop! It was very cute!

A few minutes later Michelle Trachtenberg arrived. Amanda and her friend were really excited about her and got to her practically as soon as she was out of the car! There was security all around her and stuff so it wasn’t like a mob descending, but I think she was a little bit overwhelmed by the sudden influx of people wanting her autograph. Michelle signed for me and I asked her “So, is Dawn going to do more fighting next season, now that we have seen her busting out with the moves?” (Don’t ask I have no idea where that phrasing came from!) Michelle just gave me a non-committal “I don’t know, we will have to wait and see.”

While we were waiting for more limos to pull up some guy came wandering up to the crowd. Who was it? None other than the man himself, Joss Whedon getting back from wherever he’d gone to kill time!  I said “Look! It’s our favorite person!” to Tammy and Joss turned around and smiled. I asked him what was going to happen to Angel now that David and Tim were gone. Joss said “Well, Tim is still going to work on the show.” I said “Yeah, but aren’t you taking him over to Firefly because that is your baby now?” Joss smiled at that. Joss said “If I can do four shows I’m sure he can manage to keep up with Angel.” I said, “I don’t know how you do it.” Joss just grinned and said, “I don’t do anything else!” I laughed and made a joke about not eating or sleeping, just making TV shows and Joss laughed. Then Amanda piped up and asked Joss if she could be the star of his next TV show. (That girl has chutzpah!) Joss looked at her for a moment and them very solemnly said “my next project is going to be about an 80 year old Hispanic man, who is a judge, and I don’t think you are right for the part.” Joss is funny!  The next words out of Amanda’s mouth were “Do you wanna see my charm bracelet?” (11 year olds!) I laughed at her and said “Is that a non-sequiter?” and Joss very nicely told her that he had to go inside then.

A few minutes after Joss passed through Kai and her guest walked past us. I’m a total geek. I got Kai’s attention and asked her if I can be a total geek. She said sure.  I had my magazine open to Joss’ ad and asked her if she wouldn’t mind signing it for me since her name is on it and all…. I think this amused her. She said sure and then told me that this was the first time she had ever been asked for her autograph. 

Next limo to arrive carried Nicholas Brendon and the autograph hounds descended en masse. Finally I got through and Nick signed a headshot for me. Every single autograph I have ever seen Nick sign said “Ole” and I couldn’t help asking “Is there some special reason for ‘ole’ or is it just fun?” Nick told me it was short.  I told him that I had gotten his brother’s autograph one night and he’d signed it “because…” Nick’s wife cracked up at this and said “That sounds like him.”

It was almost time for the panel to start before the last limo arrived. Security whisked James past all of the fans and right over to the press. One of the ladies organizing the event told us that she would bring James over to sign but we needed to have our stuff out and we could only get one autograph each. That would have been fine, but a group of big guys (the autograph hounds) pushed up to the front and actually had James sign picture after picture. After a few minutes James was taken away and the lady who promised everyone would get an autograph told us that if we were there after the panel James would be happy to sign then. So I didn’t get James’ autograph….. I did however open up my big mouth and have a whole conversation with him while he was signing! LOL The autograph hounds aren’t fans, they are just getting as many autographs as possible to sell so no one was really talking to James. From my spot in the back of the crowd I yelled “James, how is the CD coming?” No response. I yelled it louder. James said something about mixing and mastering and how great it was sounding. He was very excited about it.  James had said something about the single, so I asked what the single would be. He said it would be Valerie and I asked if Letterman was on the CD. James smiled and said that Letterman would be the second single released just before the CD itself was going to be released in August. This was about when James was taken away so the conversation was pretty much over.

At this point all of the ticket holders were inside and the press was being escorted into a conference room to watch the panel on big screen TVs. Amanda had made friends with some Academy employee and he snuck the four of us into the line. Later I noticed that they had filled up the back of the conference room with the fans who were hanging around so I think everyone got in to watch who wanted to.  That was really nice of them!

Part Two: The Panel

The event started out with a video presentation. The beginning was mostly random Buffy clips, and then the majority of the video was scenes from the musical while “Going Through the Motions” played. The end of the video was a lot of clips from Two to Go and Grave. One part of the video had clips shown with the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Death.” LOL And there were a lot of clips of the Buffy/Spike sex scene in Smashed!

When the video presentation was over some guy (I forgot who!) came out and talked about the show a little bit and then introduced the moderator for the evening, Janet Weeks of TV Guide. She told the crowd how she puts her kids to bed early on Tuesday nights just so she can watch Buffy.  She talked about what an impact the show has had for a little bit and then brought out the panel. While everyone was walking out she announced everybody’s names, and when they were getting all seated and stuff Nick turned around, saw himself on the huge TV screen behind him, made motions like he was scared and covered his face. 

The first question the moderator asked was what motivated Joss to do the musical in the first place. He said “Aly begged me to sing!” and everyone laughed. Then Joss said that it all really started during the filming of Fool For Love and a comment James made about playing so many different characters all in the same role. (Or something like that. Joss talks faster than I write.) That led to the play readings at Joss’ house on the weekends. He said at first everyone was really terrified so they all got really drunk. Someone made a comment then about getting drunk and ‘look what happened’ and motioned to Marti’s belly. More laughter and then someone else said something about being drunk and it finally ended with Joss (I think) saying “Not that drunk!” as if you would have to be very drunk to get Marti pregnant. A split second later he realized how that sounded and was embarrassed, but still laughing. Marti had a great sense of humor about the whole thing!  Finally getting back to the story, Joss said that the drunken play readings often turned into everyone singing around the piano and Joss realized that he had a cast that could pull off a musical. Joss also said that from that point on James had his guitar with him pretty much all the time and was always ready to sing. James cut in at this point and said that at the time Joss was complaining that he (Joss, not James) sucked and look at how great he is! Joss got the devilish look on his face and said in a funny voice “I thought I was brilliant!” Joss also said that the cast didn’t realize how hard they could work, and they were pissed! (A lot of laughter over this!) More talking about the musical and then Joss’ comment (re the cast) that “They had to do it, because I am their boss!”

(This pretty much set the tone for the evening. A group discussion with a lot of teasing and laughter. You could really see that these people are real friends and not just co-workers.)

The moderator asked who the biggest surprise talent was and Joss said Emma. He complimented her singing and dancing. James said that all of the actors were terrified of the musical. Aly told how they were all given CDs of the songs with the female parts being sung by Kai, and then being scared because “I can’t sing it like Kai.” James said something at this point about having totally new things to do at work every day and what was next, juggling? Then Joss in his fake mad voice said “I told you not to give anything for season seven away!!” Then James asked Joss what was left to do for season seven and Joss answered “Dullness. I think it is cool.”

Nick said that the musical changed his life. He explained that he started late in acting so he didn’t have a musical theater background to draw from or anything like that. He had nothing to prove, and anything he did was better than not having done anything. He explained it in a very Nick-like way which was cute. He also said that normally when the alarm goes off he’s hitting the snooze button to get as much sleep as possible (Joss made a crack about him being late all the time here I think.) but with the musical he was bouncing out of bed everyday to go to work. Aly said that she was threatening to come down with a case of laryngitis. Michelle said that singing makes her nervous and she requested dancing instead which is where her ballet came in. Michelle also said that Joss choreographed the whole thing and even showed her every spin and turn and flip himself. Someone (Nick?) said “in costume!” and while everyone was laughing Joss said, “Hey, they are slimming!”

Joss said that everyone’s experience on the musical ran from joy to hatred, and even some joyful hatred! LOL It was so much work, but everyone just shone in it.

The moderator asked Carey Meyer what his favorite set has been and he said that it was the Vampire mansion from the last half of season two. I know James made some funny comment at this point about Spike but I was still trying to write down Joss’ ‘slimming’ comment and I’ve totally forgotten what James said at this point.

Then Joss talked about the Director of Photography, Ray Stella. Joss said that the DP is on set every second of every day and that Ray is the one who really shows off the actors and their talents. Joss said he also writes to show off the sets and gave Xander and Anya’s dance number in the musical as an example.

Aly was going on about how Ray is such a sweetie all the time, and he was only cranky twice last season! LOL And she said even when he is cranky he is sweet. James jumped in and said that if you mess with Ray he can make you look five years older in five seconds. This started a joke that went on all night about everyone kissing up to Ray and being really well lit next season. 

The moderator changed topics with a comment on the dark turn the show took this season. Joss acted all surprised and said “This is the first I have heard of it!” When asked how he responds to that criticism, all Joss said was “Oops.” Marti jumped in at this point and said that they knew the Buffy/Spike storyline was dark with her resurrection and turning to Spike just to feel, and they knew the Evil Willow storyline was dark, but maybe hey didn’t quite realize that the two storylines were going on at the same time. Joss also made a comment about it being possible to depress your actors to death. Then he said “C’mon! How about dark-Willow. She was so cool!” and the crowd applauded. Aly asked “Why did I have to be so vieny?” Someone (Nick? Joss?) told her that it was going to be acne instead of veins and she should be happy.” James jumped in with some comment about it having to develop and be dark to show the change. Joss commented about life being like that and no one wants to see them be happy all the time, that isn’t what the show is about. He also said “Some of our characters don’t want to die!! Tune in!!” LOL

The moderator then asked Aly when she knew Willow was going to try to destroy the world. Aly said that she figured it all out when she was at home watching it on TV and went ‘What the hell is that?!” Nick added that the black hair was a big hint. Then Aly said that she really got the details from someone else and told Joss “You talk to my boyfriend more than me!” Aly went on to say that Willow sucking the magic out of the books was another hint and Nick said “Who hasn’t eaten a book now and then??…” Laughter and then silence. Nick piped up with “I saved the world!” (He was very proud!) Then he went off on a whole thing about how he is going to meet with world leaders next, he is going to Russia to solve all of their problems and “war is over. So say Nick Brendon!” LOL Then Nick got a little more serious and said “This is going to be a stroke on Joss…. but in a very heterosexual way” and talked about the dialogue Xander has talking to Willow about the yellow crayon. Nick said that wasn’t in one of the original drafts and when he got the rewrites he was in tears reading that part, it was so moving. He said it really connected all the levels. Nick also joked that you can break the season down in a nutshell as being about a yellow crayola crayon. Then Joss said “and I go online and read” (Joss in a funny voice here) “He saved the world with a crayon? This show sucks!” LOL

At this point everyone started joking around that it is all about the actors. Nick told the audience “We called you here to say the actors are so much better than the show. It’s us not them” pause. “Next year Xander will be dead.” Laughter. Michelle added “It’s all about the writers. I just wanna throw that out there.” James said something about how you never know what will happen on Buffy, and said to Joss “You can turn us all into snails.”

The moderator jumped in with some random question which had nothing to do with what they had been talking about and Nick was teasing her “Nice segway. Did you go to a segway class?” etc…

The moderator asked what the thing Willow raises at the end was supposed to be. She said that it looked like it had a garden gnome attached to the front or something… Joss grinned sheepishly and said in his little kid voice, “We runned out of money.” Aly laughed and said “Can you say no Emmys ever?”

The moderator asked what was up with Spike going to Africa to get the chip out and getting a soul instead. Joss said “It is this thing I invented called a plot twist.” And that it would pay off eventually. James said “Oh no!” LOL Someone joked that Joss actually trademarked the plot twist and he will be getting royalties whenever any show uses it in the future.

Joss also said that he wouldn’t say anything about season seven, but they are really excited about it. The moderator (who was sounding more and more like a fan and less and less like she was guiding the discussion) asked “Is this going to be an Angel thing where he can’t have sex anymore?” Joss said “That’s all she can talk about!” LOL Joss went onto say that it would be something Spike and hopefully James has never gone through before and that James had told him once that if they weren’t getting scared at least once a year than they were not working hard enough.

The moderator then asked “Logistically, what was it like doing all of those sex scenes?” James cracked up and said “Logistically? Logistically it was me in a sock and Sarah was fully clothed… again! You can sit back and laugh at me in my little sock.” A beat of silence, everyone realizes what James just said and then over the laughter James shouted “Big sock! It was a big sock!” Joss said that it was a tiny sock, like one of those little tennis socks, and James said “Hey, it was cold!” Everyone was cracking up at this point and Joss just said into the microphone “We are a classy show!” LOL He went onto say that “it was a naughty year for us” and that the Buffy/Angel storyline was all about romance and the Buffy/Spike thing was very not.”

There was some discussion here about coming up with ideas for the show and Nick explained “We got drunk, Marti got pregnant, and then there were ideas.” Thanks Nick! 

Joss talked about the graphic sex this season and that it had to be taken out of the metaphor to show that it wasn’t an Angel type romance, but that even that was a metaphor with the house falling down and stuff. Marti added “Plus, we like porny!” LOL

The moderator asked if there would be any more Buffy/Angel crossovers and James immediately jumped in, talking very loudly and in a deep voice “no, NO, NO!!” Joss told James “Quiet suckboy!” Nick added that Angel is screaming for Xander and (in his “gay” voice) said “Xander, Xander, Xander!” Everyone was hysterical laughing and Nick added “Angel and Xander’s wacky adventures!” Aly just pointed to the actor’s side of the stage and said “You can see why this half isn’t the writing half.”  Then followed a discussion on when actors submit story ideas and Nick proudly proclaimed “I had Raison Bran this morning!”

Joss also said that he wanted to give a shout out to the trio, and he thought they were the best villains ever. He told the audience how the villain’s geeky conversations were based on the writers and that they would have those exact same conversations when they were supposed to be working, and then they would sit down and ask each other what the villains should be talking about.

The moderator asked about consequences, mostly any consequences Willow would face for killing a human. Joss laughed and nonchalantly said “We don’t need to address that…” LOL Then he said they would be addressed in some way and someone (can’t remember who!) said something about Willow facing what she had done as her season’s storyline. Joss responded, “Yeah, or one really good speech!”  Nick again proclaimed (as if we could forget!) that he saved the world, and Aly said that we will just see Willow all season drawing with her yellow crayon. Michelle didn’t miss a second before adding “And then Dawn steals it!”

Joss talked about hoping for more of Tony this year. He said that they all knew Tony would be back in the end of the season, but they didn’t really realize how much his presence would be missed throughout the season. Joss was asked about Ripper and said that he is indeed developing it for the BBC, but it is going really slowly and he has 4 shows going on. Just about every cast member jumped in with a comment like “But you love us the best” and “Buffy is your favorite show right?” and Joss said “The other shows are lame, I don’t spend any time on them.” LOL James told us that they had like 35 guilt trips developed just for Joss. Nick made some comment about how it all comes back to them and they keep getting scripts for Firefluffy. James commented “Vamps in space!” and Joss was hysterical laughing.

Michelle said that Joss promised her that Dawn could add some heels and black to her wardrobe next year. Someone (Aly?) made a comment “like you need them!” and Michelle laughed and said that she is one of the tallest females on the show. Michelle said that she was hoping Dawn would get to do a little ass kicking next year and that would be over her “look at me” whining thing. Joss just laughed and in the devil voice again said “Or is it?”

Nick interrupted at this point and said “Can we get a little applause for Clem? That guy is adorable!” and everyone clapped and cheered. Then he started singing “looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker” and Michelle announced that no one had given Nick his medication today. LOL

Joss said that Dawn will move from whining to moping. Laughter. Then he said that actually Dawn will get to grow up this year and pointed out that Dawn will be the same age Buffy was when the show started. The first episode will have the grand reopening of Sunnydale High School. (The crowd cheered again at this point and I think Joss was a little surprised by that.) Nick added “and I’m Screech and I get to work with Mr. Belding. Or maybe be A.C. Slater.”

The moderator did another topic hop here and brought up Amber Benson and Tara’s death. She turned to Joss and said “You couldn’t have just wounded her?” Joss laughed and Nick said “we did, just mortally.” Joss said that Amber knew it was coming. Nick talked about watching the scene with Tara and Willow and the “your shirt” line and bawling.

Joss said “Our villains this year were such Shemps!” and said that it was a very deliberate thing to have Buffy say early on that guns never solve anything and then to have Tara killed by a gun. He said the literalism sucks the life out of the metaphor, there was no romance, it was just mundane and appalling. Marti added that Tara’s death wouldn’t have meant as much if it was mystical. Michelle started talking about how she loved working with Amber and will miss her. Aly (so funny!) said “You know she’s not really dead right?”  Michelle laughed and said it must be the blonde hi-lights in her hair. Joss said “James is offended!” James said “What? This is my natural color!” Everyone laughed at him for that.  Then James said “I look like N Sync tonight, but I will not bleach my hair in the off season.” LOL

Aly talked about how hard it was to film Tara’s death scene, not because of the emotional aspect, but because they only had two of those shirts and they couldn’t get the blood right. They tried throwing it at her, spitting it at her, blowing it through straws etc. And the shirts were always wet because there was no time to dry them. Aly joked that when they yelled cut her first concern was “is the blood good?” and didn’t know if she had done anything with the scene.

Ray Stella was asked what the biggest challenge is and he said it was getting everything done in time. He said Gareth has instruments of torture on his walls and he’s scared of them.  James started talking about how Ray is so great at balancing everything and making the actors look good with he lights and everything. Joss jumped in with “Well, you’re not exactly trolls!” 

James and Nick called for a round of applause for the crew and talked about how on other shows it is a big deal if they have to work a twelve hour day, but on Buffy it is a treat if they only have a twelve hour day. Nick and Aly started trying to talk over each other and smacking each other to get them to shut up. Aly went off on a whole big thing about how Ray has so little to work with because most of the cast is female and won’t change their hair to make their faces easier to light. She was going on and on about how great Ray is and Michelle interrupted her to say “Someone wants more lighting!” Someone said something about Firefly and Joss said “What is that show? It’s like in space. It’s lame!” LOL James added that everyone is scared that Joss is going to take all of the cool people over to Firefly. Joss defended himself and said that a lot of people were ready to move onto something new and this way they keep the family atmosphere.

Joss went on to talk about the contribution the crew makes, right down to the dolly grip being happy to be at work because he understands that his work is part of the story, and that they crew being excited about what they do is important to the show. Marti said “Joss would never go do something else unless he felt it was time.” And that every person on the staff is capable of writing and running their own show. Marti said “I have no doubt Buffy will be fine, Joss has a scary ability to just do more.” James said to Joss “I haven’t been around, but I think you are the bomb!” and added “Joss is able to do everything.”

Michelle told a story about what a detail oriented perfectionist Joss is and said that at one point Joss told her “Honey, I will pick the color of your socks!”

The moderator asked if Joss could say anything about what is coming up next season and said “I already told you the high school thing!” Aly added that she would have been dead if she had said that. Joss jokingly responded “Get the old lady filter! Get the Channing!” LMAO!

Joss said that the only episode this season that made advertisers pull out was Doublemeat Palace. He said that they didn’t like the making fun of fast food.  Then he joked that Sarah is sad that she doesn’t get to wear the hat anymore.

Joss summed it all up by saying “next year will be getting back to the original statement: The joy of female power, Feeling it, using it, sharing it. And Willow dies!”

And with that very Whedon-esque comment, it was over.

We filed out of the conference room and were told that the actors were signing autographs in the theater and we were allowed in there now. On the way to that side of the building Carey Meyer walked past and I asked him to sign my magazine. Tammy got him to sign her poster also and Amanda hit him up for a job. (That kid never quits! But she’s so youngeveryone thinks that it is cute.)

Before we could go into the theater Amanda and her friend had taken off and we went to go find them. They were back in the conference room which was now locked because James was in there giving an interview. James signed the poster and the same lady who told us previously that everyone would get his autograph didn’t want to let me ask James to sign my picture. (I have this great picture of Buffy and Spike that I bought a long time ago. I never thought I’d get Sarah to sign it, but I finally did and I wanted to get James to sign it so I can get it all framed and pretty up on my wall. I didn’t realize I’d have more trouble getting James’ autograph than Sarah’s!!! This happened right when James stopped signing at his concerts!) James recognized me though and asked how I was doing so the lady had to let me go talk to him! James signed my picture and I asked him if he had fun up there. He said yes and asked if I enjoyed it. I told him yes, and we thanked him and left. Since he was in the middle of an interview and all we couldn’t really hang out to chat.

We finally made it into the theater. Michelle, Aly, Joss and Marti were onstage signing for people, and I noticed Alexis in his seat was getting a lot of attention too! Michelle and Aly left pretty quickly and Tammy and I stood in the “line” (crowd of people pushing) to get Marti to sign Tammy’s poster. Marti was talking about her pregnancy (she’s due in 3 weeks and she’s having a boy) and spoiler leaks (she talked about the fake scripts that were given out, but not leaked online oddly enough, and that someone who knows the difference must be the leak. She also talked about e-mailing Herc to see if he would help her track down the source and him saying that there are many sources.) Someone asked Marti why they didn’t talk about her singing in the musical and Joss’ Numfar on Angel. I said “Who cares about Firefly, we want to know when Numfar is getting his own show!” Marti just laughed. Tammy got her poster signed, Amanda stole some cookies and the very exciting night was over….

andyourlittledogtoo’s story

andyourlittledogtoo visited the set of Buffy in Torrance, CA and met Joss there. Here’s her story!

I got to Torrance at about 6:00. The film trucks were there and the star trailers but no stars. They were filming at Buffy’s house.

We staked out claim on some prime realestate! Chatted up a security guard which was very important! So as I am standing watching James prep I notice a rather tall “hottie” man walking about dressed in kahkis, a tee shirt, and a flanel shirt covering the t . . . could it be????? Yup it was JOSS!!! and so at this point all the little girls have collected around me and are yelling Spike we love you you are so hot etc. James and Joss are chatting toward the curb and James smiles and waves and I yell out JOSS is GOD! And with that Joss looks up BIG smile and waves while James yells back “You got that right!” Joss was just so cute. He kept walking over by where we were standing and smiling. And so I begged said security guard to take a picture of him for me — guard had no idea who Joss was until I pointed him out. And so the guard (who was also a hottie) took my camera and went and had a picture with Joss.

Joss kept looking over and well there we were just a standing there. so Stacey had my camera and walked over to him and asked if she could have a picture with him and he said sure. As he walked over I said because you are god and he said yup with a big grin — what a little cutie! any way, he asked who the picture was with and I said me and so I got major huggage *G* We chatted a little bit about Restless — I basically told him I loved that episode and he said thanks he did too but not too many people did. I thanked him again for a summer of happiness trying to figure out all the layers. He smiled and said he was really glad I enjoyed it. Then he asked what my name was I told him and said that I had always managed to miss him on the baord and so that is why I wanted to tell him there. He said itwas much better this way any way! And then he asked what my board name was and I told him and he said “Oh! You’re Dog?! I know you.” Which was at first very exciting, but now I am trying to think how that would be the case!!!! And so I remain on cloud 9!!!!!”

Christina’s story

My Boyfriend took me out to London for the day.

We went to Forbidden Planet, New Oxford street.

My Boyfriend wanted to go to a signing and to see Amber Benson. We queued up for over three hours the amount of people that were there was unbelievable.We was very excited and basically got to meet Amber Benson who was very lovely. But then I saw this man sitting next to her and I recognised that the guy was Joss Whedon, I cant believe what came over my boyfriend and me we was bowing saying we’re not worthy. we queued up to get some buffy stuff signed. My boyfriend was first it was like totally electric very exciting but I got so nervous I had word salad.Both said something to us both I said something like this “hi,fbashfguahfjfhoi3eukj” it was one of the coolest date my boyfriend took me on.

Emily_GLR’s story
On Thursday the seventh of June, I saw something on the Watcher’s Web about Amber Benson doing an autograph signing at the Forbidden Planet, London, on the 11th. Unfortunately, that’s a school day. Still, I spoke to my ever lenient father, incidentally a Buffy fan, and was amazed at his enthusiastic response to the quiet suggestion that we take the hour’s drive up there, on a school day, in order to queue for goodness know’s how long for an autograph. He has a flat in London and was only too keen to take me up on Sunday for the signing on Monday. Our problem was my ever loving, but more responsible Mum. After some pleading, she allowed us to go on our idiotic quest. So, on Sunday afternoon, up I went to the flat. At the time, I had a very bad tailbone from a fall of my horse, (yes, only I can be stupid enough to canter a fresh pony with a very bad reputation bareback off a bank and fall off and injure my butt,) and was in a fair amount of pain! I didn’t sleep at ALL that night. At 4AM, I realised it was futile even trying to drop off, and marched into the shower! (A shower at 4AM!!)

Pretty soon, we were headed for the Forbidden Planet. I was third or so in line, I met some people I’d spoken to online. For over seven hours, I waited. My standing was gladly interrupted by a trip into the store to buy a boxset whilst my Dad kept my place. I’d heard Joss was making a guest appearance, but it was sort of secret. Eventually, at 1PM, Joss sauntered along the street, and went into the store in front of our disbelieving eyes! Soon, we were allowed in one by one, Amber had arrived via the back. When I arrived for signing, I don’t think Joss even knew I recognized him. This was because I couldn’t say a lot. Except my name, which was necessary for signing autographs.

Both Amber and Joss were lovely and it was a great day! )

Alantie’s story

Alantie met Joss at a Posting Board Party. Here’s her story.

Let me set the stage for you: Okay, so, the music was way loud. Stupid Common Rotation. And the crowd around Joss was pretty thin. So I informed my friend that I was going in…when it occured to me that it was way too noisy for me even to say one word to him! So, I whipped out my lined notebook, and wrote down a bunch of silly things (I was way too excited to be all philosophical) and quickly dodged over to him. He laughed when he saw my “Hush”-ic way of communication, took the notebook from me, and succeeded to respond to each and everything I had hastily wrote, as follows: (note: I was not a member of Joss is a Hottie, but had huge respect for the group. Saw that hat on someone’s head at the Pre-party…hmm…) (note too: his responses are in CAPS)

You can’t hear me over the music, so just know that:
1- I am your minion for life!
2- You are a hottie!
3- I’m the one who quotes Shakespeare (this will make more sense later)

Okay, so it wasn’t the best encounter ever. But the best part: on the top of the lined notebook page, Joss gave me an A+.


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