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Kiba Rika says:
I watched Buffy, I chatted in the Bronze, I liked the show. I even posted to Joss once for his thoughts on porn [and its relationship to feminism]. He answered me! But I didn’t begin to love Joss until I read other posts of his. He was so answerful, so sweet and, let’s face it girls and alternative lifestyle boys, Joss is downright sexy. The most important thing about Joss is, however, that he is witty. And wit is what makes him such the hottie. Sigh.

Little Willow says:
I’m proud to be a fan of Joss Whedon. And, the following three things, as sanctioned by Joss himself: His bodyguard. His surrogate daughter. His niece’s nephew’s daughter’s brother-in-law’s friend’s goat’s neighbor (or whatever such relation Joss says that day). Joss is a brilliant man, full of wit and wisdom beyond his years. His talent is unique and articulate, with episodes, movies and more never ceasing to amaze me. I wish him only the best.

Kai says:
Well, how much time do I have…… First of all he has a really great bum. Most people don’t know this because he wears baggy clothes all the time but it’s true. Second, he makes a killer Magarita. Third, I suppose this one is a daaaaaa… but he is super funny. Fourth, he knows how to count up to 243. Fifth, he knows how to spell fifth. Sixth, he finds silly girls to be very amusing. Seventh he is Joss.

Sushi says:
Okay…. I’m not a girl. I’m not even an alternative lifestyle boy. I’m just a heterosexual guy… so heterosexual, in fact, that it would boggle your mind. But that’s how much of a hottie Joss is! He’s such an irresistible studmuffin that I’m seriously contemplating switching teams. There are almost too many reasons for me to write… but here goes: First of all, his scripts. Brilliant! I mean, who else could think up such tantalizing twists as Joey’s fall for Pacey at the season finale? I nearly cried. But seriously… his stories speak to me. They’re chock full of metaphorical goodness… Like vampires I think represent villains… and spells, well they obviously mean something much more… like, well, I’m not really sure on that one, but I know it’s very clever. Secondly, he’s a comic genius. I saw him in a restaurant one time and ent to shake his hand, and he said to me… and I’ll never forget this… “Leave me the hell alone!”, then proceeded to punch me in the face. I laughed a nd bled all the way home. There are infinite other lessor reasons to worship the man, but why even bother with those when you just need the one resounding fact that Joss Whedon is the sexiest man alive!?! And if it weren’t for Abraham Lincoln, he would be the sexiest man that ever existed. If you ask me, this page is almost unnecessary… anyone who has ever been in his presence or has witnessed his work already knows why we love him. What we really need is a “How could you possibly *not* love him?” page. (Where we basically log the IP’s of anyone who submits a reason, then proceed to hunt them down and flog them repeatedly).

witchytara says:
I love Joss because he’s funny, brilliant, hot, and wonderful (as ever a wizard there was!!) He has a wonderful voice, and he’s a good and true storyteller. He’s just wunnerful! *grins*

Jen says:
Joss, the man, the myth, the obscure sausage reference (Is there a pun in there somewhere?) I could spend a lot of time on silliness ’cause that’s what I usually do, but the guy inspires me. He is such a phenominal storyteller. He has made me laugh, cry, scream in frustration, eat copious amounts of chocolate while in mourning, worship the ground he walks on and I’ve NEVER EVEN MET HIM! In fact, I was beginning to suspect he was a hump-backed midget just because of his weird world view until I saw pictures of him and realized he’s a hottie. And even if he were a hump-backed, albino midget he would still be a hottie because there is _nothing_ sexier than intelligent, messed-up, funny men. Nothing. Except for maybe jello.

Freddy says:
How do I love Joss, let me count the ways. His wit and wisdom are awe-inspiring. His posts are silly and friendly. His shows are the only I have ever found that can make you laugh through your tears. He inspires thoughts, discussion, and ever so much debate. The plain, undeniable truth is that he is just a hottie.

Buffyin’someass says:
Joss is one of the greater writers of this time. He has amazing wit and humor, which is reflected in his story telling. I look forward to following his career even after Buffy and Angel.

Rikki says:
I am a “normal” person (or so I believe) with a pretty average life, but for 2 hours a week (more if I crank up the old VCR) I get to escape my mundane existence and dwell in the ‘Jossverse’. I get to see characters I have grown to love, storylines that keep me engrossed and plenty of amazing demon slayage! So thank you Joss and everyone else involved in arguably the best 2 hours of television per week for making me gasp, cry, scream at the T.V. and rotflmao. Here’s to many more years of pure escapism!! Heartfelt thanks. xx

vision girl says:
Why I love Joss so many answers cos I worship the ground he walks on because he is a god and of course a geniuses. He always manages to make me laugh no matter how much of a bad day I have had, all I have to do Is put in a tape of a Buffy or Angle episode he has made and wow smiles are coming or I can just read and interview and im happy. He is a genuine man with a great sens of humour. And the way he can play with our heads is amazing, even if he gives us what we want and then takes it away he still amazes me. Joss inspires me I have a gay friend who was an in the closet type of person until Joss brought Willow and Tara together his writing of the story and both Amber Benson and Alyson Hannigan’s acting made him want to come out of the closet he was locked in and for that effect Joss is truly amazing. Also his writing of The Body was truly the best death scene ever, because the way it was written was so real the whole Body concept hit home, I had lost my grandmother and written a story about it for school and I had said in it many times it was just a Body and the fact that it was like the world had stoped is so real only Joss could perfect it. Basically Joss always amazes me just when I think I know where things are going they change and that is what I love about the hottie that is Joss Whedon. :)

EvilS I T says:
I love Joss cause he cares about the fans and knows who we are. One of the biggest moments of my life has been seeing Joss and him remembering my name! I know that sounds weird…but I am nobody special..and to quote him “Nice Seeing you again Michelle” just summarizes his interaction towards the fans…and one of the reasons why I love the show so much.

CharmedKitten says:
I love Joss because there is no other man on earth that I perfer to have mess with my mind and heart more than Joss. I tune in every week just to sit in awe and amazement at the brillance that the man possesses. No one else has made me feel the deph and breth of emotions that Joss does in one hour.

SwahiliGrl says:
Why do I love Joss? Because he is carefree. I remember seeing him as a young colt. He was frolicking through Aunt Josephine’s sassafras, wind in his hair, without a care in the world. It’s not his amazing ability to write and tell stories that makes me love him. It’s not the fact that he inspires me to continue on with my dream and endure the hell that is film school that makes me love him. It’s not the fact that when you mention Kai’s name he gets a goofy little grin on his face (the kind that only true love brings) that makes me love him. It’s not the fact that he’s a cinematic genius, many years ahead of his time. It’s not even the fact that when I watch his greatest work on Buffy and Angel that I cry, not out of sadness, but out of a respect for the dedication he has to his craft that makes me love him. Nope, it is none of those things. It must be the sassafras. Yeah, I’m going with sassafras on this one. It takes a really secure man to frolic like that.

veras says:
I love joss because he makes the most awesomely exciting and funny programmes.And because he has the same birthday as me!!

DarlaBelle says:
The vastness of creativity in the cavern of his mind never fails to astound me!!! It should be illegal for someone to be so downright clever and still keep a level head about the whole thing. Joss – you rock baby!!!

Umm..duh! He’s the one who created the best show ever! Buffy kick’s ass…and i luv ANGEL!!!!!!!

Kayley says:
Joss has great talent and he doesn’t mind (from the looks of the Bronze) mingling with the *common* person… Anyone famous who has time for the audience is great in my opinion – and he’s spunky as all hell!

Balefox says:
He is a genius, first of all. Which I know has been said already, but it just can’t be said enough! He’s devoted to this great world he’s created, and makes the time to talk to his fans, and keep us in the loop. He is completely my hero. I only wish I could write like he can! Also, my name (Joce) is pronounced the same as his is. And did I mention he’s a hottie?

BearBuilder says:
Oh, where shall I begin? He has red hair. He is an amazing write. He is the only man that has made go into a comic book store. He is witty. He is cryptic. He is.

sephi says:
Joss is my hero, he truly honours the human heart and all its complexities.

Allycat says:
Because He is the creator of Buffy and Angel, his series just can satisfy me! (very rare on TV these days)

DebADooo says:
Have you not seen that in our days
Of any whose story, song or art
Delights us, our sincerest praise
Means, when all’s said, “You break my heart?”
-C.S. Lewis 
Joss, your stories break my heart. They break it with an overabundance of love. And for that my dear man, I’m eternally grateful!

Emily_GLR says:
‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. It sounds nuts, doesn’t it? But that’s the beauty of it! Pure nuttiness mixed with comedy, fun, drama and sadness. And to humour everyone I’ll at least pretend it’s scary. It takes someone 100% nutty to create that – Joss Whedon. Hence the love. :o) I met Joss…well not so much met as muttered OMG at. Yes, I queued for seven hours for an Amber Benson signing in London which Joss made a surprise appearance at. Was I bright enough to even let him realise I actually recognised him. No. Was I bright enough to do anything but go red and mutter? No. Oh the joys of being nervous. :o)

Cece says:
I love Joss because he is.. Joss… he makes us laugh, he makes us cry.. he is soooo darn funny, how can anyone help but love him? And he brought us the genius that is Buffy… and also Angel. He came up with this great fabulous idea and it grew into 5 years of amazing television. He gives us these characters that are so real in the midst of dealing with the unreal. And he writes them in such a way that we can’t help but relate to them. He portrays important issues, but not in a preachy way. He shows these things in a natural way.. from death to demons to lesbians and more. He presents us with very real storylines and emotions and allows to draw our own conclusions. And he does all this in such an entertaining fashion. He keeps us guessing. And on top of that he is just an all around great guy. Why DON’T I love Joss would be a shorter list, because how could you help but love this man?

Copaceticsoul says:
The sheer joy of his words. He breaks you and tramples on you and laughs with glee. He is evil,evil I tell you. He’s stolen my heart and soul,and now I must have the words to survive. Fortuneately he talks alot, about himself, about his evil deeds, and says sweet things about Kai. As long as Joss keeps messing with my demons, I’ll remain a happy, if unworthy acolyte.

Spike’sgirl says:
There are so many reasons that I can’t list them all here. Joss is terrific. He is funny, and sweet and has a sick sense of humor just like I do. Goats rule. Joss is the man.

hemerey says:
He is so wonderful. He makes my life great. I feel stupid sometimes because i’m 26 and into Buffy. Now i know there are more people like me. Joss makes a plot with demons into a real life drama. I think we can all relate to one show or another. Got to love Joss he is the best. Oh, and he is such a cuttie.

Halliheart says:
Joss is the perfect man. He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s sweet, and pretty darn sexy. Although some mught say a 13 year old shouldn’t feel that way about someone that much older than them,but he is just so irresitible, and in his presence I have to fight my impulse to bow down to him and kiss his shoes like he is a god. No doubt about it he is a god, the god of buffyness and the god of everything else you could possibly put “ness” behind.

CiCi says:
Ich liebe Joss weil er durch seine Serie “Buffy” mein Leben und meine Einstellungen dazu verändert hat. Ich liebe ihn dafür das er mein Leben aufregender macht, und ich ein Hobby habe. Oh….. und weil er Willow lesbisch werden ließ, und dann auch noch mit einer so tollen Schauspielerin wie Amber Benson!!!!
Translation: I love Joss because by his series “Buffy” he changed my life and my adjustments to it. I love him because he makes my life more exciting, and I have a hobby. Oh….. and because he let Willow become lesbian, and then also still with as mad an actress as Amber Benson!!!! .

mama trish says:
i love joss because he had the guts – and the talent – to do “buffy: the musical.” who else puts out so much humor, philosophy, choreography, and music in one hour of television?! no one! go, joss, go!

verbena says:
Rich dark chocolate wrapped around a creamy caramel middle.

The Host says:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Nuff Said

ifidiedtoday says:
He is one of the most amazing, creative people on the planet!!!

partridgegirl says:
the buffy musical was the best hour and 8 minutes of tv i’ve ever seen on primetime. Brilliant, funny, fit perfectly into the trajectory of the series. I couldn’t have imagined anything better.

Sepra says:
I love Joss because he makes the best shows on television, because whenever I’m not sure of what he’s going to do next (musical??) he always restores my faith. Plus, when I was feeling bad during a comicon, he gave me an autograph telling me to cheer up. He loves his fans and we love him!

Angel of Death says:
I love Joss because he write’s for the 2 bestest show’s on earth, BtVS & Angel

Ancient One says:
Joss is an absolute genius with incredible wit. To be honest, I wish I had just 1% of his writing talent so I could explain why I love Joss. The man’s a genius. What more can I say.

annanna says:
he’s a genius, simple as… what a guy, what a sorted, intelligent, witty guy. Joss is God, it’s all good ;o)

GetBuffed says:
Cause of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ANGEL, Faith, Fray, Tales of the Slayer, his movies. He’s the best writer out there. It sucks that he doesnt get enough recognition.

Stellasurya says:
It’s hard to figure out! But from his work I infer that he’s a story-teller who is contemplating the nature of the human spirit. He couldn’t possibly have both intelligence and a heart, could he? Cos that seems a little excessive! Still, you’ve got to love the high quality of his attention, and it’s got to come from somewhere!

Freyja says:
Four Words: Numfar’s Dance of Joy!

buffgirl says:
I love Joss because he’s funny, caring and so hot. I loves his shows. He has great talent. I loved the musical he did. I think he’s the best.


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