Happy Birthday Joss

Hellmouths and demons – your forte

A story-teller supreme

Passion and vision flows from you

Perhaps this was destined to be

Yours is a gift many envy

Buffy’s is a story we crave

In every episode there’s genius

Real emotions keep coming in waves

The storylines grow with each season

Heartache and joy hand in hand

Dancing to the tune of the master

A thrill ride – the best in the land

You never cease to amaze us

Just when we think there’s no more

One hundred episodes and we’re still hungry, to

See what you next have in store

So sincere birthday greetings I’m sending

And although it’s in terrible rhyme *g*

My heartfelt thanks and respect to you also

Because I’ve had the “Best of all times”

I hope you have the kind of birthday you deserve – best wishes – rikki