Happy Birthday to Joss

Happy Birthday to Joss, this wonderful man
Who sent to us Buffy, Angel and clan.
Happy Birthday to Joss, this genius guy,
Who just with one script can make us all cry.
Happy Birthday to Joss, this possible god
Whose sick, witty mind has shocked every poor sod…
Happy Birthday to Joss, who saved my whole life
With concepts of Scooby Gang joys and strife.Joss — I was going to send you a physical present, but I’m too cheap, sorry, didn’t know where to send it(!) I was going to send you some magical dust (since I have enough of it floating around at home!) but I’m not a Wicca and besides, I’m far too cynical. Besides, you’re the only God I believe in! *g* So I’m giving you this, and you will like it, or else!! 

This was written during a night of insomnia which is all that remains of my once-suicidal depression. I just wanted you to know that you and your terrific shows, cast and crew have stopped me from killing
myself many a time when I’ve thought about it — “But if I die, I won’t find out what happens in the season finale!” It sounds silly, I know, but during depression, little things, positive or negative, seem
very big. The brilliant writing and acting on your shows have allowed me to cry over similar situations I have experienced in the past and had locked the pain away instead of dealing. I’ve been looking for a way to say thank you since I became a Bronzer, and this is finally it. So, with all my heart — THANK YOU.

I may not have been able to give you a physical present, but I hope the sense of yay you get when you read this (if you don’t get a sense of yay, what kind of monster are you!?!) is enough. Happy birthday!

Slayerette 2K