Joss, quoted

  • I think every child should have nothing to do for a long while.
  • I have never had any particular life of my own, so I don’t see any particular reason why anyone should run out to get one.

Quotes from other people, about Joss and Joss is a Hottie

  • …a website that has the words “Josshottie” disturbs me greatly. I’m scared to go there. -David Fury, writer and producer
  • All roads lead to Joss. -Meredyth Smith, writer
  • One can never ever tell, with Joss. -Erika Amato, singer
  • Joss is a man’s man -Marc Blucas, actor
  • Joss is hands down the coolest showrunner I’ve ever worked with, which makes sense because he’s the most talented as well. He’s the big brother I wish I had. -Danny Strong, actor and writer
  • [Joss is] a god. [I] love him to death. -Amber Benson, actress and writer
  • Joss knows all, sees all, and does a mean happy dance. -Stephen DeKnight, writer
  • ‘He’s not the normal adult in any way that I can see… ‘He’s the mischievous kid and the wise-adult kid in one package. You know, if he wanted to be taken seriously in the conventional way, he could write a medical show or a legal show. But he cares more about telling stories he wants to tell, and he’s being taken seriously on his terms. It’s like the title ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer': if you don’t smile, you’re not going to get the show anyway. – JJ Abrams
  • Joss Whedon is an extraordinarily talented filmmaker … and in fact, in 1994, I was making a western called The Quick and the Dead and having a script problem, and I came to the studio and said, “Can you find me a writer? I’ve shot this movie, and the end isn’t quite working.” And ultimately, the movie didn’t quite work. But they suggested Joss Whedon, who was doing Buffy, so I met Joss and he saw the movie, and he helped me solve this ending in one afternoon. I thought, Damn, you’re a good writer! I wish I could have had you rewrite the whole movie and save this picture! But I’ll never forget how good he was, and how precise, so when I saw The Avengers, I was not surprised that his name was on it. It’s a very hard job to take all those heroes and all those stories and know exactly what bits the audience needs and what they don’t need. – Sam Raimi


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Current Projects

The Avengers 2 (Movie)
Scheduled for release May 1, 2015
Joss Whedon is writing and directing this sequel to the Marvel film, The Avengers.
Information | IMDb

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog 2 (Web)
Joss Whedon will collaborate with the team from the first Dr. Horrible to bring us this sequel. Someday.
Information | Official Site

Wastelanders (Web)
Joss Whedon is collaborating with Warren Ellis to create this apocalyptic web short.


May 1, 2015 - The Avengers 2 US Release

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