Finding the Characters

I’m using Script Frenzy’s bootcamp for high school students.  If it’s good enough for them, I figure it’s good enough for me.

One of the first things they suggest doing is completing character questionnaires for all of your characters.  I think that’s a fine thing to do, but before I can do that I want to at least be able to name them.

Since it’s an origin story, I’ll be using the movie script to identify the characters I want on hand, but I’ll be adding some details that I got from the show.

Protagonist – Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer

Supporting Characters – Merrick, Buffy’s Watcher; Pike, the “bad boy”; Jennifer, Nicole, Cassandra, and Kimberly, Buffy’s friends (these names will definitely change; Joss did a great job picking the names that girls would’ve been given in the mid to late 70s, but I’ll be looking more for names girls would’ve been given in the mid to late 90s; my Buffy reboot isn’t a period piece); Jeffrey, Buffy’s boyfriend and his friends Andy & Grueller (same thing with names); Pike’s friend Benny; Joyce and Hank Summers, Buffy’s parents; Gary Murray, the school principal

Antagonists – Lothos, the Vampire King; Amilyn, his Vampire Servant (these names might change)

I won’t be completing full questionnaires for all of these characters.  Over the next few to several days I will, however, be completing them for Buffy, Merrick, Pike, and Lothos.  I may add others as well, but I feel like those four are crucial.

Am I leaving anybody out?  Including anyone too much? Please note: I will NOT be including Dawn, so let’s just not discuss it.  Dawn’s timeline is, as far as I’m concerned, an alternate timeline, certainly at any point pre-season 5.  This isn’t how Buffy, Joyce, Hank, etc would remember it, with Dawn squished in.  It’s how it “really” was.  (“Really” being in quotes because, um, it’s how I say it really was, and I’m not actually capable of producing anything that’s genuinely canon.)

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6 Responses to Finding the Characters

  1. IMMORTAL says:

    Another thing I think the movie is lacking is the group dynamic. Now I’ve never seen any confirmation but I have to believe Joss was at least influenced by traditional chartacter archetypes:

    If you look at Buffy/Angel/Firefly (I have’nt really looked at Dollhouse to see if the pattern holds) you’ll notice that while characters are unique they serve the same function in each group. Hero-Buffy/Angel/Mal Mentor-Giles/Wesley/Book Investigator-Willow/Fred/Kaylee(and/or Simon) Enforcer-Angel/Gunn/Jayne Loyal Friend/Comedic relief- Xander/Cordelia/Wash etc.

    Isolate the roles in the group- develop likeable characters to fill them and you should have a unique but recognizable Scooby dynamic.

    • Kiba says:

      This is a question I’m struggling with right now. The group dynamic is so important to the show, and completely absent from the movie. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. Thanks for your thoughts.

      • IMMORTAL says:

        Yeah it’s tough. With other previous reboots, it was mandated that they have to do it without the characters that made it successful. I don’t think you can treat this as a prequel to the show. It’s not Buffy: The Early Years. It’s an alternate timeline. It sucks but those are the rules. Unless that is your whole point, that it works better as a prequel.

  2. IMMORTAL says:

    I suppose there is no reason why it ca’t be both. Are you looking at it as a stand alone or the first of a trilogy or franchise? I think a stand alone lends itself better as a possible prequel. I think a plan for multiple movies would have to include the group dynamic which would move away from a prequel.

    • Kiba says:

      It’s definitely a complete story within itself, but I think it would have the potential for continuation – but not require it.

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