Re-imagining Lothos

Why yes, I am giving this another go.  I deleted my 20+ page script from last year so it could count as starting from scratch and this April I’ll write a Buffy prequel script.

Last time, I got stuck on Lothos a lot.  I just couldn’t figure out a decent motivation for him.  And I don’t love his hokey medallion-wearing Dracula-wannabe appearance in the movie.  I thought about it, and maybe it’s because the Buffy wikia page was all, “Why don’t you check out the page about Russell Winters?” but I thought…  What if Lothos is a perfect hybrid of old and new?  What if he respects vampire traditions and tries to uphold them, while also being slick and modern?  So that’s where I’m going with him.

I also think he needs to ooze charisma.  He should be more Armand than Louis.  (What?  Interview with a Vampire and its successors are 90s-definitive.)

I also, trying to figure out what his motivation might be, realized that just killing Slayers isn’t good enough.  He’s supposedly killed several.  And we know he’s not the only vampire who killed more than one.  But there is an endless supply of young women in the world, so every time you kill one Slayer, another one gets activated, and she might find you eventually.  (Shh, never you mind that one Slayer can’t kill all the vampires.  We’ll worry about that another day.)

So what if his ultimate goal was not just to kill Buffy, but to destroy the whole Slayer line?  What if he had found a way to do that, but his killing Buffy was a necessary but not sufficient condition?

I think that’s the direction I’ll take him in.  He’s got a grand vision for a world that looks like a tidier version of the Wishverse.  For this vision to become a reality, he needs there to be no Slayers.  They’re pesky and he can’t attend to his grand vision if he has to keep putting out these girl-shaped fires.

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