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Last April I wrote a Buffy Begins script. But I just re-read it and I’m not even a little satisfied with it, so I’m starting over from scratch. I’ll be returning here to post my planning thoughts.

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Re-imagining Lothos

Why yes, I am giving this another go.  I deleted my 20+ page script from last year so it could count as starting from scratch and this April I’ll write a Buffy prequel script. Last time, I got stuck on … Continue reading

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Teaser Poster

I haven’t settled on my imaginary casting yet – Merrick and Pike are eluding me at the moment – I want Dianna Agron for Buffy. (I know she’s not actually a teenager but doesn’t she play around 16 on Glee? … Continue reading

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Getting Started

Yesterday, when I should have been thinking about my Master’s paper, or some other important school-related thing, I was thinking about how in just a few hours I could start writing my script.  I had wandered away and was thinking … Continue reading

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Making It a Period Piece

I know I said very recently that this was going to be a modern Buffy, not a 90s Buffy.  But the more I think about it, the better an idea it seems to be to set this in 1996.  First, … Continue reading

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Character Questionnaire: Merrick Jamison-Smythe

1. Name: Merrick Jamison-Smythe 2. Age: 35 3. Height: 6’ish 4. Eye color: ? 5. Physical appearance: ? 6. Strange or unique physical attributes: ? 7. Favorite clothing style/outfit: Severe.  Mostly blacks.  He doesn’t think very hard about what he … Continue reading

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Character Questionnaire: Buffy Summers

The girl, the myth, the legend.  These questions come from Script Frenzy.  They were originally designed for novel-writing, which means I may leave some out. 1. Name: Buffy Anne Summers 2. Age: 15 3. Height: 5′ 2″ 4. Eye color: … Continue reading

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Settling a Few Questions of Mythology

Before I can really dive into the character questionnaires, I have to settle a few conflicts about the Buffyverse mythology.  These are issues which have the potential to open up a lot of debate.  What I’m expressing here are my … Continue reading

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Finding the Characters

I’m using Script Frenzy’s bootcamp for high school students.  If it’s good enough for them, I figure it’s good enough for me. One of the first things they suggest doing is completing character questionnaires for all of your characters.  I … Continue reading

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What makes a reboot good?

I asked around on Facebook when I first decided to undertake this project.  I identified two key factors: 1. Maintaining the spirit of the original.  This is pretty hard to describe or explain but when somebody does it right, you … Continue reading

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