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Joss has posted online in the past at The Bronze, The Bronze Beta,,, the official Delphi Firefly forums, and Whedonesque. If you want to see what he had to say at some of these places, check these out:

The Bronze VIP Posting Board Archives These archives store posts from several Buffy VIPS , including Joss, dating back to 1998. Posts from Usenet, The Bronze, The Bronze Beta, and The UPN Bronze can be found here.

Joss’s profile This has a link to the only post Joss ever made.

Buffista Archives If you’re feeling super ambitious, you might find posts from Joss here, most likely in the Firefly threads. Download them and do a Find in page… for “joss -” ┬áto find them. (If you just search for “joss,” you’ll find way more posts than is manageable.)

Whedonesque joss posts tag The folks at Whedonesque are very good about tagging any time Joss posts or comments, so it’s super easy to find links. If you’re on a thread and you want to find his comments, do a Find in page… for “joss |”.



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Current Projects

The Avengers 2 (Movie)
Scheduled for release May 1, 2015
Joss Whedon is writing and directing this sequel to the Marvel film, The Avengers.
Information | IMDb

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog 2 (Web)
Joss Whedon will collaborate with the team from the first Dr. Horrible to bring us this sequel. Someday.
Information | Official Site

Wastelanders (Web)
Joss Whedon is collaborating with Warren Ellis to create this apocalyptic web short.


May 1, 2015 - The Avengers 2 US Release

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