TV: Whedon Catches a Firefly

SOURCE: ZENtertainment

Posted on Wednesday, December 19 @ 17:20:02 CST by mferrell

Joss Whedon (BUFFY THE VAMP SLAYER) has been hired to write a new series for Fox.

Whedon has been hired to create his own series idea, FIREFLY. The show is about a spaceship 500 years in the future who’s back end lights up for some reason. Whedon described it as post-Civil War, where a Rebel-type soldier tries to survive on his small ship.

“I wanted to make something that’s about a guy who fought for the South, lost and doesn’t like anybody anymore. This show isn’t about the people who made history; it’s about the people history stepped on. It’s about their lives and their struggles to keep their ship alive — as well as the search for meaning in a very dark place,” said Whedon, also calling it anti-Star Trek. “There’ll be scary-ass humans. I can make people that are scarier than anything you can put in latex.”

Comparing it to his other creations, BUFFY and ANGEL, Whedon said, “Life is hard. People are good when they want to be. And the universe is a big, scary place just like high school.”

The show is expected to premiere next fall.

Source: Variety