Welcome to the new Joss is a Hottie!

Welcome to the shiny new Joss is a Hottie! We’ve been around for more than a decade but it’s nice to revitalize and refresh now and again.

A lot of the content here is what I (Kiba) like to call “Classic” content – because it sounds better than calling it “old.” It’s stuff that’s been around for 10+ years including fan-contributed stories of meeting Joss, poetry, and an exclusive interview with Joss that asks hard-hitting questions like, “When you’re actually writing the scenes that wrench our hearts out… do you sit there laughing out loud or just chortling maliciously?” and “What is up with your JAG obsession?”

There’s new stuff, too, like the Joss recommends page where I bring $40,000 worth of librarianship education to bear in identifying stuff Joss has said he likes and telling you where to find it.

Please come back to visit often or subscribe for updates, as I’ll be adding more news (both new and old) and more features as time goes on. Currently in the works: Joss Whedon’s writing advice and embroidered quotes from Joss interviews.