Whedon Details Firefly Flap

Source: Sci Fi Wire

Joss Whedon, creator of Fox’s upcoming SF series Firefly, told SCI FI Wire that Fox and he disagreed over the tone and direction of the series’ pilot, and that he and producer Tim Minear had a weekend to come up with a new one-hour premiere episode script before Fox green-lighted the series. That new one-hour premiere episode may replace the original two-hour pilot episode, and the original two-hour pilot may wind up airing later in the season, Whedon said in an interview at the Saturn Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

“We did [write a new premiere episode], because they wanted to make sure we could deliver the … show with a little more action and humor than what I had originally pitched,” Whedon said. “So Tim Minear and I wrote a script over the weekend. They told us on a Friday night that they wanted it … in order to decide. … They said, ‘It needs to be on our desks before we get there in the morning on Monday.’ I didn’t realize it would be so instrumental in them actually picking up the show. But, yeah, a little pressure. But I love pressure. The two-hour [episode] might be a special event in the middle of the season, instead of shown as a two-hour pilot. I’m not sure if that’s a final decision or not.”

Whedon added that the original pilot “is not in fact lost. The story on the Firefly pilot is, part of the back and forth … between me and Fox … has been about a drama vs. an action show. And although I pitched more of a drama with action, they wanted to up the action a little bit. We’re doing some reshoots along those lines. … But they also felt that they wanted to start the show with a one-hour pilot that showed everybody in place, instead of doing a movie in which you have to go through the whole thing and get everybody there. And while I don’t know if I agree with that necessarily, they will show the pilot during the course of the season as an origin special if they decide not to show it at the very beginning. Either way, it works.” Firefly, set in the aftermath of a galactic war, is slated to premiere on Fox in late September, Whedon said. “Just today, [we’re] coming back to the story-breaking process. We start shooting in July.”