Whedon talks Giles show, animated BUFFY show, and more

Source: Cinescape

Confirms Gellar, Boreanez haven’t signed for BUFFY cartoon

———————————————————————-Dateline: Tuesday, June 11, 2002


Hot off taking home the Saturn Award for best network genre show for his BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER at the 28th annual Saturn Awards, creator Joss Whedon let us in on the status of all the projects he’s got going.

Here’s the rundown:

About the soundtrack album for the wildly successful musical BUFFY episode, Whedon said, “We’re trying to get a soundtrack CD put out with the songs from the episode, and I think that eventually we will, but it takes a lot of legal wrangling because there’s so many actors and so many companies involved.”

He also announced, unfortunately, that the BBC spin-off centering on BUFFY’s watcher Giles will be delayed from its originally projected premiere. “It had to be delayed because FIREFLY came up so fast,” Whedon said, referring to his new science fiction show hitting the Fox network next fall. “I had to concentrate on [FIREFLY], but the interest is still there and that project [the Giles show] is still very much alive.”

He also tamped down rumors that the BUFFY animated series had hit hard times, and may not happen, especially given Sarah Michelle Gellar’s quotes recently indicating she won’t be involved with the project.

“The animated series is going very well, but like everything else it takes so much longer than I would like,” Whedon said. “But we have about nine completed scripts, written by the BUFFY writers, and we have almost the entire cast signed on to do the voices … Sarah [Michelle Geller] and David [Boreanaz] are about the only cast members that can’t be in it, because they’re just too busy. Think of it as BUFFY: YEAR ONE. We’re going back to high school and telling the stories that we didn’t get to tell back then.”

Whedon then went on to address the news about a troubled development for his new Fox show, FIREFLY, set aboard a starship in the distant future.

“The ‘lost’ pilot isn’t really lost,” he said. “We shot it and one of the struggles that I’m having with Fox is that I pitched the show as a drama with action in it, but Fox wants more action and less drama, so we’ve gone back to shoot more action scenes, which I don’t necessarily disagree with. But the thing is that Fox thinks that they want to start the series with an episode where the characters are already up and running. We see them when they are already familiar with their world. Whereas the first pilot we shot was like an origin story. Fox thinks we don’t need to start with the story of how they got started, though I don’t necessarily agree. However, whether we decide to start the series with the first pilot or not, that story will be played this season. It will either play as the opening two-hour movie, or it will play later in the season as a ‘look-back’ episode where the audience gets to see how the cast got together.”

Finally, he talked about what more and more fans are speculating about, which is how many more years BUFFY will be on, and the potential for a movie based on the show.

“I don’t know that,” he said of how many more years the show might be on. “I can’t really be sure. Every year might be the end.”

As for the movie, “That’s just a fantasy while the series is on the air,” he said. “That will never happen with the show still on the air. I don’t want to just do a longer episode and put it on the big screen. Making the show is enough like making a movie for me.”