Why a hottie?

“Why on earth would anyone start a club named ‘Joss is a Hottie’?” you might ask.

Back in 2000, a young college freshman pulling an all-nighter to write a paper about how Horace’s Ode 1.11 used an extended wine-making metaphor thought, “I sure do like that Buffy show. Let’s see what there is about it on the internet.” That young college freshman was Kiba. Um, me. I discovered over the next few months that there was a thriving fan community called The Bronze on the official Buffy site. I became a member of this community, where artists working on the show including actors, musicians, designers, and writers would stop in and interact with the fans. One such artist was Joss Whedon, who created the show.

I loved Joss’s posts. And I loved what he had to say in interviews. And I loved his show. Like any community does, The Bronze formed cliques and affiliations. This included clubs about various actors and actresses being hotties. I decided that hotness didn’t only apply to physical appearance or acting chops, but applied equally to brains, of which Joss Whedon has enough to feed a whole zombie army.

So I started a club and invited other Bronzers to join. The club got big enough and high profile enough (Joss’s wife, Kai, even joined the club) that I decided to make a website, and over time that website turned into a rich resource with all the things fansites had in the early oughts: news articles, pictures, quotes, a discussion forum… In the years since I founded Joss is a Hottie, a lot has changed for Joss and for fandom. The site has changed too. But I’m interested in preservation, in retro chic, and in chronicling the journey of my favorite screenwriter as he grew from “the Buffy guy” into the director of one of the highest grossing motion pictures of all time, so here we are.

One more point about our name:

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired, it was much maligned based on its title alone. This has happened with Joss is a Hottie as well. To paraphrase what Joss had to say:

…anyone who isn’t open to a [website] with this title isn’t invited to the party.

If you don’t want to be a part of Joss is a Hottie, feel free to go on with your day, no offense taken. But leave us to our fun, please.


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Current Projects

The Avengers 2 (Movie)
Scheduled for release May 1, 2015
Joss Whedon is writing and directing this sequel to the Marvel film, The Avengers.
Information | IMDb

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog 2 (Web)
Joss Whedon will collaborate with the team from the first Dr. Horrible to bring us this sequel. Someday.
Information | Official Site

Wastelanders (Web)
Joss Whedon is collaborating with Warren Ellis to create this apocalyptic web short.


May 1, 2015 - The Avengers 2 US Release

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